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Does anyone on your friends list remind you of someone in your flesh-and-blood life? Who and how?



Every good girlfriend I have because of her humor and her loving heart.
This is the first thing that's made me smile all day.

Oh wait. It's the second. The first was the post you made earlier :)
I like to make you smile. I just like you period.
Thanks, man :D
you're welcome. I kinda sounded like creepy internet stalker when I re-read that. Yikes. :)
keith. He reminds me of two real-life friends, Jason and Garrett. All three of the guys are involved in the same profession.

Jason's part of my Bible study group, and they reflect each other in their politics (Jason's a little more outspoken than Keith) and particular way of reacting to music/concerts/shows.

Garrett's a tech at the Holy Land. He sleeps rarely, travels frequently, and is recognized by his blood-shot eyes and caffiene body odor. :-) Garrett and Keith both have this work hard/party hard mentality.
beccastareyes - a close friend on and off LJ - reminds me of Alice, one of my best friends in high school. Aside from the fact that Becky's atheist where Alice is... Presbyterian? I think? And Becky's studying to be a star-gazing astronomer and scientist, and Alice is a band teacher, there's a lot there in their personalities (and in pics I've seen of Becky) that keep making my brain equate Becky = Alice.
I guess my family members don't count? ;)

Nah... I've got some really different friends on here. Nothing like the people I know in real life.
ilovelibby2 reminds me of a girl at church, the only problem is I can never remember the girls name cause I always think "it's libby"!
can't say.
you don't qualify, because as of today, you still have no face.

mulder, however, does remind me of this guy i used to know....
I'm so much more than just another pretty face...