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Remote controls

Haven't been much of a journaller lately. Work has been busier than usual for a spurt, and I'll head in tomorrow for more (today was mostly off, except for stuffing and sending some mailings from home). Really, I just haven't been all that thoughtful, and haven't wanted to dwell on some of the things that have run through my mind.

I hate being right more than I hate being wrong. The taste is more bitter.

That said, life above the surface has been a lot of fun. My new home theater, the JVC TH-M606, arrived Tuesday.
The sound is great, and it also replaces my ailing stereo (which was purchased in graduate school and stopped playing CDs without skipping years ago). It's my first DVD player, so I got trial subscriptions to Netflix and Blockbuster to put them head-to-head before deciding on one service. So far I've watched The Italian Job and School of Rock, with The Bourne Identity next on deck. I think I'll tend to use services like these far more than I'll actually buy DVDs—everything arrives the next day!

Since DVDs didn't promise quite enough distraction, I also took the leap into TiVo, which arrived yesterday instead of next week.
I'd been considering it for a while now, hearing raves from kitiara and others. And now that I've had it for a day, I can say without hesitation that it's one of the coolest things ever. Seriously. What I want to watch whenever I want to watch it, without commercials, plus tons of other little extras.

If I can master my remote controls, I'll be good to go.


my dad always said 'you have to be at least 10% smarter than the object you're working with...' to figure it out.
i think you've got AT LEAST that on the remote ;)
enjoy your toys ;)
What if I've only got 9%?


then i guess you're screwed
Netflix, Blockbuster and TiVo ....

escaping is good....
Very good indeed.

Based on service thus far, I don't think Blockbuster is going to make the cut.
I don't know what I did before TiVo. Or the internet for that matter. I've blocked out the bad.
Two days and my world is completely rocked. I'm almost on the verge of making a TiVo icon.
HA!! Good idea. Glad you enjoy it!
So when's the party to celebrate all the new toys? ;)
The party has been going non-stop!