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The greatest of these

It rained last night, and I had to look down at the sidewalk to avoid snails on my morning walk. Why is it that snails, with their shells, are less disgusting than slugs without? Nonsense, but true.

Read 1 Corinthians 13 on love this morning. I'm so convicted and challenged by this: "But now remain faith, hope, and love: these three. The greatest of these is love." I don't love, or if I do, not much and not well. I understand things like duty, responsibility, consideration, and restraint. I even cling to faith and hope, asking for more of these in my longing. But love? It's like a hot stovetop burner I've learned not to touch.

I have a long way to go, and I need to let myself be carried.


LOVE: You wanna know.....

Hey, brother. You seem kind of young. I'm 40, thus your proper father. Let me tell you, if you go round asking God for a loving spirit or some such thing, realize you will be broken and ground down. You will do irrational things in obedience that you HATE, with no payoff (I'm not talking about sappy unrequited romance). You will hurt with empathy. You will carry burdens heavy to the point of breaking you, with no guarantee of the joy you may hope for or expect in the end, until you learn to trust God in a new way, walking away from the ones you learned to love as if for the first time, without looking back.

Having said that, there is no alternative for the disciple. And don't listen to anyone but Holy Spirit. God bless you in playing with fire.



Re: Snails?

Yeah, but they end up being more crunsquishy, which is why I avoid them. :)