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Thoughts I need

Every man who knocks on the door of a brothel is looking for God.

—G.K. Chesterton

Lord, throw down the Jezebel of our unbelief, and let the dogs devour it.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Morning and Evening (17 October, Morning: "Mistrust Without Cause")


I love that Chesterton quote. It makes me think of H's mom. She said through all of her wild days w/ the Hell's Angels, and drugs, and sex, and hopping from religion to religion, all she really wanted was to be loved, and not just any love, but loved by God (which at the time she didn't realize, but looking back now sees clearly).
Re: Mistrust Without Cause.

Usually, I like nothing so well as a Chesterton quote, but that Spurgeon quote rocks! I will be looking for opportunities to share it.
All I want is love
I confess to this
I will take it Lord
All you have to give

-Third Day-

Simple, yet it makes me cry.
The simplest things often touch us the deepest.
I love that it works that way!
If one more charismatic christian tells me I've got a spirit of Jezebel because I want a career rather than a husband, I am going to bite.

I like that quote of Chesterton. I understand what he means. The same could be said of the obese person in the drive through or the alcoholic at the bar, really.
Why on earth would they compare you to Jezebel??? That's ridiculous!
Tell ME about it! I guess they're very 'traditional' and 'fundamentalist' (read: backward) about a 'woman's role'.

They interpret the spirit of Jezebel as being a rebellious spirit in a woman. In my case, I'm 'rebelling' against the role God and nature intended for me or some such rubbish.

They also think feminism is an evil spirit, so you can just imagine... ::rolls eyes::
*rolls her eyes right along with you*