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Had a journal entry get eaten by the void yesterday, a victim of my outdated seven-year-old computer. Some of the thoughts may be worth wrestling out again, but I slept in and am not yet feeling up to it.

Ordered a home theater system yesterday (the JVC THM 606—it was $50 cheaper yesterday). Though I'm a technogeek in so many areas, I don't yet own a DVD player, and my home stereo won't play CDs anymore (it's from 1992). Been a long time since I bought something big like this for myself; I just don't tend to splurge like that. Also realizing my Twentieth Anniversary Mac is getting very slow and long in the tooth (circa 1997). I'd really like to upgrade to an iMac (20" version), but I can't really afford it.

Connor and Sara joined me for Enterprise last night. Been weeks since I've hung out with them; need to do that more. They're great.

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