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Passing through

Elected not to go home between worship and tonight's Gathering of Prayer—I'd have only been frustrated by the need to return to work after whatever rest I got. Great sermon; I'll post it on the church site tomorrow. Feels like much is in motion.

So in the meantime, I've finished a couple of Monday tasks and gotten a couple of emails out, as well as getting lunch, a latté, and a cupcake. That ain't bad. Might sleep hard tonight, if I can keep from nodding off in our prayer meeting. Some may call that undisciplined; I call it resting in the Lord. Or something. Just don't bring up Gethsemane.

Victrola has a Shannon Welles photography exhibit called "Passage" that I find very engaging. Maybe I should buy a print or two.


Was unable to view the exhibit you mentioned. Probably my navigational ineptness but I couldn't find it at Shannon's site. I'm always curious to see what sort of art someone finds appealing.
Oh, the exhibit is up on the walls, but not in a section of Shannon's site (though at a glance I saw a couple of shots that I think were included). So you have to come visit.
Niiiiice pictures. Can't decide if I like Argentina or Greece better.
I wanna put some of my stuff in victrola!