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Autumn's dawn

Checked out for most of the day yesterday. "Checking out" is unlike rest, in my estimation, because it doesn't really feel refreshing or good—it's just those times when sitting there is the most I can bring myself to do. Still necessary, and I'm grateful I had the time to (not) do it. Skipped a few phone calls and emails I'll try to make up today.

Annette, Heather, and Nate came by last night for dinner and prayer. We talked about beginning to really worship together on our first Fridays. It's a prospect I wish my heart leapt at more; I recognize that this is what I should truly desire—it's true in a way most of life is not—yet I'm tired. Thankfully, we aren't adding a new gathering to our schedules, and we aren't looking at bringing others along. Both options were discussed, and it's a relief to leave them on the shelf for now.

Lots of activity already behind me today, and I hope to be lazier with the remainder. Went to the office early to set up for our Intro seminar today and get some materials for Sunday, then bought milk, paid rent, and got coffee and a bagel (everything with cream cheese—yum) from Irwin's. It's sunny and mild, and my new neighborhood is beginning to show some beautiful autumn color. I opened the blinds and have the door open to bring fresh air into my apartment. I want to enjoy this day.

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