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Penalty box

No debates for me; unless the platforms change, the talking heads don't make a lot of difference. Did, however, turn to CBS just now because Survivor is coming on, and was surprised to see Dan Rather anchoring the post-debate commentary. Shouldn't this guy have to sit these out after the hoax he's already supported under the veneer of "news"?


Exactly how much do you think Dan had to do w/ the scandal?
I haven't really felt it necessary to discern how much he had to do with it—he reported falsehood as news, then stood behind the story after it had been refuted. That's professional nonfeasance at best and malfeasance at worst; either is enough reason to be taken off a story (the campaign).
excellent idea! he should be forced to serve a double minor-- one for the report, the second for standing behind it so long.