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Go you!

Loving my LJ friends

This morning, awesomest writes about dating and marriage and chippa writes about political passion. Both approach their topics within the countercultural context of the Christian life, and specifically from the perspective of their own lives. It's refreshing, even breathtaking, how powerfully God uses humble hearts—how the truth of Scripture is given clear illustration in our stories, if only we'll tell them (even the ones that may not make us out to be heroes).


That was for you, Chip.


good recommendations :) thanks!
Happy to recommend!
The whole viewpoint that being quiet about your political beliefs is somehow wiser is really rubbing me the wrong way. People in certain situations may find it wise to hush up, but that doesn't mean that being quiet is somehow our call from God. It's getting to be that this point of view is just as off-putting as either being a pushy liberal or pushy conservative.
Sorry it rubbed you wrong; I live in a place where people constantly talk (bark) about their political opinions, to the edification of absolutely no one and to the idolatry of their own point of view. The media gives me exactly the same impression.

Honestly, I don't think most people consider their call from God before piping in with their political opinions (or any of their opinions), and that's the other factor that leads me to believe some well-considered restraint is in order for many of us.

That's the just context that makes this seem wise for my life; I can't be certain what faithfulness means for anyone else.
Yeah, I think it's situational. And as long as people view being quiet as situational, then I'm okay. It's when they make it some kind of across the board mandate that I get a little ticked. :D
I hear you. I do, however, tend to think that quiet/restraint is not an unwise default when it comes to our opinions, especially those that may cause people not to listen when we talk about Christ. I think it's better to expect that we would speak with a reason (God's call, as you mentioned) and be OK with being silent when we don't really have a reason to speak (it's really only our self that's being denied in such cases). One of the things my Community Group's study of Acts has shown is that boldness comes from the Spirit for the Kingdom; the other stuff is just flesh.

That's just the sense I come away from Scripture with.
We're agreeing here. I think there's a time and place for everything... that includes silence. But the flip side of that is that there's a time and a place for our views to be expressed. I just think people have to be open to the expression times as much as they're open to the silent times... and not push their own personal sense of appropriateness off onto the whole of people. :)
It's funny—maybe it's a Seattle thing, but I have practically never run into a lack of popular openness to expression. Culturally, we don't seem to be in a hurry to encourage anyone to consider being quiet. So when I've encountered others' personal sense of appropriateness being pushed off onto the whole of people, it's almost invariably been about expression rather than restraint. I think that's why Chip's entry struck me as a refreshing take on an underrepresented (and Scriptural) viewpoint.

As we agree, lots may be situational, and the situation I observe over and over in my situation is Christians taking their cues from an opinion-happy culture instead of considering James' exhortation to be "quick to listen, slow to speak."
As Sarah and I have noted, we're from such different parts of the world. So our experiences are SO varied. :)

Actually, I've been pointed to MANY entries on LJ about keeping political opinions quiet... that was why I was starting to get annoyed. I mean, I'm not taking it personally since I think I've made on post on the topic... but still. :)
Can I ask you something? Why do you draw that conclusion so consistently? We've been down this road before as well.

If a point is being made, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is being suggested that it be taken "across the board". When you assume that's the case, the discussion becomes about that instead of the point. I don't understand. No one is saying to you to shut up.
I don't understand what you're saying.
I don't think I ever said that anyone was telling me to "shut up". But what I want to clarify every time I see someone saying that they've decided it's best to be quiet, is that not everyone will have the same conviction... so don't get ruffled if you read posts here and there, or even every day, from people who are ready to stand up and be outspoken about their beliefs. It's not that I'm dwawing some across the board conclusion that people are telling me to "shut up". I'm simply saying, "It's nice that you want to make these matters private, but don't walk around thinking that's what everyone should do... cause it's not". There's a time and a place for every conversation. Some people will have them more than others... being quiet is no better than being open. It's situational.

When I read Banzai's response to the original poster, it frustrated me. He equated someone's spiritual walk with their political passion... insinuating that the ones who are outspoken have less faith in God than the ones who quietly accept what's happening. I don't agree. And yes, when I read things like that, it makes it sound very much like an across the board mandate that Christians... good ones... FAITHFUL ones... should "shut up" and trust God.

If he had said, "I believe that we really need to think long and hard before we start debating political views, making sure we are speaking out of love and a desire to do God's will, and not simply trying to push an agenda that we think is better because it benefits us", then I wouldn't have had a problem. I'm all about people not getting up on their high horse. I'm all about people realizing that there's more to the world than American politics. I'm all about people being MORE passionate about Christ and his role as Savior... but I'm NOT about saying that because someone is outspoken about politics, it somehow means that their faith is weak. And I wanted to make that point. Maybe it wasn't clear the first time I said it.

Yes, we HAVE been down this road before... but that doesn't mean I can't express my view elsewhere... would you rather I "shut up"? ;)
OK, I see what you're saying. No, of course I don't think you need to shut up. :) And I apologize if I hit you out of the blue like that. Thanks for clarifying.
Not a problem. Thank you. :D
Thanks for the kind words.
Especially "Bravo," right? ;o]
Especially Bravo.
Great recommendations. Those are stories that will have to be saved in my Memories. I'm not sure that I have enough intelligent words in my mind tonight to write a comment that's sufficient in expressing my thoughts, so simply "thank you."