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A case of the Mondays on steroids

Horrid mood. No single cause; just lots of straws on this camel's back and an underlying tiredness and frustration with myself, then with others. The "others" part is what comes to mind most easily, but I know better when I stop and take inventory. Tired of everything, and tired of everything being so much work.

Next up is slogging through tidying up the office. It's an absolute pit, and I'm not going to be a lot of good in the way of productivity until I've dealt with some of it.

Can't believe I'm this fed up with a good life and a good job.


Praying for you to persevere. :o]
This is a lot of what I feel right now. I feel like I'm going nowhere, especially spiritually; like something's gone missing inside. Frustrated with myself and others, and not even sure if I'm in control of me half the time anymore.

I have a good life, a good job, good lots of things, and I just seem fed up and sad all the time. :(

And the worst part is...I just haven't felt anything spiritual or that such in a couple of weeks now. I think part of it is that I haven't really made a connection with someone, anyone in a while...lots of interpersonal interaction, but none of it meaningful or lasting.

oops, rambling again. Sorry, I'll stop that. :)


Praying for you. IM me and I'll distract you with innane nonsense gatewise. ;-)
Blast that human nature!