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An exception to my love language

I took an online quiz today to determine my "love language" (if you've been in a Christian bookstore in the past few years, you've been bombarded with this stuff). I scored a whopping zero on "receiving of gifts"—that kind of thing is special and sweet, but is really only a complement to the rest for me.

That being said, if someone bought me the 20" version of this
The new iMac
they'd be speaking my love language loud and clear.


Between you and pould, I may NEVER get my friends page back to the right size! ;)
Shrank it. See why I like the 20" version?
the 5 love languages is a great book...really opened my eyes in a lot of ways.
i'm 'physical touch'
The only Christian bookstore I frequent is my cathedral's, so I must admit I have absolutely no clear what this "love language" thing is.

Except in terms of the 20" iMac--I completely understand, there.
he he
Har, har, har....

So what love languages do you see in yourself, and how accurate was the quiz? I enjoyed learning about love languages several years ago, just because it forced me to open up and notice other people. You know how we singles can tend to be selfish. :-D
Time and touch are big for me. As an online quiz it was fine, but my respect for online quizzes is extremely low (and falling all the time—why do we do this?). Honestly, I tend to be critical of the whole deal, but that's the research snob coming out. No doubt there are ways in which it can be helpful for people.
oooooooo immmaaaaaac