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Patio furniture and online phenomena

Another stop at Irwin's—they have a $1.00 off coupon for any order between 14:00 and 17:00, through the end of the month. Since today is my last chance to use it, here I am.

Sitting outside also reinforces my desire for patio furniture (Patty O'Furniture also happens to be my favorite Irish name). Something simple and small, perhaps in black and wrought iron, where I can read and take my tea. I have no idea where to begin, or how to keep from spending an arm and a leg (which would make reading and taking my tea less comfortable than it is now).

Noticed that I'm being de-friended on LiveJournal at a rate of one a day this week. Lots of it seems to be people reevaluating their own journaling (how removing friends helps in that process is mysterious to me, but it's not my thought process that matters). Some is probably just changing interests. It's not a big deal in the least; I just noticed that friendings and de-friendings both seem to happen in spurts. My inner sociologist is intrigued, and probably a little bored.

Speaking of online phenomena, I took a little 20-question relationship styles quiz that scared the bejeezus out of me. Odd that it would take a disturbing result to get me questioning these things when my inner sociologist, paired with my inner counselor, knows they're absolutely bogus. Not to say they never hit the mark or provide insight, but I know 20 questions can't possibly yield a valid or reliable result, not to mention that I know nothing about authorship, bias, and testing of the instrument. "Which Angel Character Are You?" is as likely to be accurate. Oh, and I'm Wesley, no matter what it says.

Will I try to take it again later? You can count on it.


I've noticed that, too

Of course, it's been rougher for me, because, like everything else that happens in my life, I tend to take defriendings personally, even when they aren't (or, worse, when I notice the number drop and can't figure out who has dropped me!).

Must be everybody getting ready to get back to school or something, I guess.

Re: I've noticed that, too

Not much I can do about taking it personally (there are people who I'd feel that about, too), but for trying to figure out who's the dearly departed, this link can help.

Re: I've noticed that, too

Obviously (since I'd been there before) I'd known about that...I guess I'd figured it had been so long since I'd checked that it wouldn't be useful...

But I think it probably caught most of them, even if it hadn't been checked since April or whenever it was.

Re: I've noticed that, too

Can't figure out who's added or removed you? Try this link: http://marnanel.org/joule?user=jenny&mode=chart

Just remember to plug in your own username, versus mine (I just copied this url from my bookmark file) :)

You're still on mine ;-)

And btw..I'm Fred ...scary part...it fits. ;-)

Re: You're still on mine ;-)


You're Lorne!

Which Angel character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I've never seen this show... so I'm lost.
It's beyond confusing, but rest assured that he's the best singer of the bunch!
Well, then... it was right on target! ;)
If you lived close by I could give you a ton of patio furniture. Moving to Louisville we lost our 1000 sq. ft. deck and now have more furniture than room.

I just don't get the unfriending thing...

and have no plans to unfriend you, so you're stuck with my LJ! lol ;-)

I'm Fred! woohoo! :)

You're Fred!

Which Angel character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Rest assured that trozzort and I have no plans to unfriend you.... I do it from time to time, but never with people I actually care about. Ahh, a better way to say it is that most journals/people get a probationary period, and if they outlast that time, they're stuck with me for life. :-D