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Google BS

One of my new favorite pastimes is to take things I think are ridiculous and Google them with the word "bullshit" so I can find other people who feel the same way.



I discovered it tonight and think you should google it and "bullshit."
That one is beautiful all by itself! Maybe a Holy Land Experience chapter?
Hah! :-P
oh my
chippa turned me onto that last week. I, of course, promptly shared it with friends at church. The fields are ripe!
Email a sister!
That was thoughtless of me—you'd be awesome at this ministry!

(I just looked at chippa's entry, and apparently people thought this was serious. I don't know what to type next to "bullshit" to search for that...)
I don't know what to type next to "bullshit" to search for that...

Me either, but "brain'splodey!" might work. ^_^ .. or "hed is pastede on yay!"
is that for real?

THAT deserves a 'holy crap'

What's an example?
I have more than enough ways to piss off people via the internet as it is. So I'm keeping that between Google and me.

"Shhh....Google!...don't tell!"
You kill me.