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Fighting dreams

Woke up more refreshed and energized—more ready—than I have been in a very long time. First wake-up was just after 4:00, but I got another two and a half hours in after that. Why was I feeling so good? I'd be afraid to tell anyone who asked, because it's hard to explain or understand. Truth is, all through the night I dreamed of fighting, and it felt great. Free. Real. Purposeful. They were just dreams, with all the whimsical weirdness thereof, but it was more, because it was me, engaged and alive in a way I'm not able to be much anymore. I woke up feeling like myself and ready to literally take on the world. It's complicated, but it's part of who I am. I needed that.

Everything looks different today. My eyes are clearer.

Finding that I have less and less of a need to be proven right, which is both freeing and likely to really piss off anyone who has a need to see me proven wrong. Good. I like that.

It's been too long since we've had rainy Seattle days like this. So long, in fact, that I was naive enough to walk with an umbrella but no jacket. Reaching the bus stop with a wet umbrella arm taught me the error of my ways.

Also learned this morning that a European-style scone actually is a scone with all the moisture sucked out of it. On purpose. Who knew? It's a good time to be an American.



That last part is too funny!!!

I loved hearing the rain on my roof last night. And we had drizzle today. Drizzle! I never thought I'd be happy to see THAT :D

I had a dream last night that John left me, and I was trying to win him back. I daresay I didn't wake up quite as confident as you did ;)

Re: backwards

I have those, too. Well, not about John.
In the last year, I have pretty much stopped ALL debating. If you knew me four years ago, that would shock you. I like it.
I'm working in that direction, myself. What amazes me is that, for the most part, debating and the like just feel at best silly and pointless, at worst inane, now. Two years ago I would never have believed that.
That's kinda of where I stand on it, too. I mean, I still like to discuss... but the second it hints at debate, I'm most likely to just bow out.
Not only is it good to let that side of me rest, but I also often find that, when I get into a debate or arguement, I end up being a surrogate for something else for the other person—a place to work out crap that's been stored up from bad experiences and relationships with co-workers, friends, family, lovers, etc. (I probably do the same thing). Honestly, I don't need to have that taken out on me.