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Katy Bowser tomorrow

Abraham put Issac on the altar
For to die, for to die, for to die

One way or another there is beauty for ashes
One way or another we will come alive
One way or another there are crowns, crowns, crowns, crowns
One way or another we all die

—Katy Bowser, "One Way Or Another"

Going to see Katy Bowser at Conor Byrne tomorrow night. She's a singer/songwriter I was introduced to via an email. When I happened to be listening to one of her songs while writing a journal entry in May, she ran across my journal and left me a helpful comment. I think she's friends with jasonmonster and scillymonster as well.

Funny that I should find myself facing the same struggles and questions now as I did then. This journey towards being real is a long one.

So it should be a good show. Any Seattle friends are welcome to join me tomorrow—show is at 9:00 pm with a $5 cover. I'd love to see a show with any or all of you.
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