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Tell me, tell me...

This should be interesting (borrowed from journeyto):

Tell me something you think I need to know. About me, or about anything. IP tracking of comments is off, so comment anonymously if you wish.



Your comments and posts are very insightful, well thought out and intelligent.
You know, I thought everyone would be saying their thing anonymously so I did. WhatEVER :D
Thank you—anonymous or not!
Your zipper is down.
Bum looker. Cheeky monkey!
Well, according to jeney you should be dating her friend!!!
That's what I hear, but it's Saturday night and I still don't have a date!
I am just getting to know you, so the most useful thing I have so far is:

You have good taste in beer.

I think you need to know that. :D
And the same backatcha. Bring on the Pandora's Bock!
You are too hard on yourself. (I recognize this problem because I have it myself).

You are a great writer - lots of fun and stimulating to read, even when I think you are being too hard on yourself! ;) (that's just a compliment.... take it or leave it.)

If you haven't read any Thomas Merton yet, you really should. (My memory is long, even if I have been out of circulation).

You quoted Romans 8 the other day - and Eldredge on it. Romans 8 is the best chapter in the entire Bible, if you ask me. And that's just my opinion - there's really no reason you need to know that. ;)
Thank you! Merton is still on the list somewhere.

I respect your insight more
than my own.
That's quite an honor and responsibility, Padawan. Thank you.
I think you rock.

And, dare I say it? You seem to be more chipper lately. Or maybe that's just how I read you :)
Thank you beri beri much!
Now I'm starting to feel like we're living in a Strawberry Shortcake world :D
I didn't even know they were gone! You're making me want to clear out room in my freezer...
I'm not sure what you need to know, but maybe knowing how people feel about you would be nice.

I'm glad you're on my friends list. I look forward to reading your entries. You're a pretty cool person, and if I lived in Seattle, I'd definitely want to hang out, fellowship, and pick your brain more.

I suppose the only thing I can come up with that you need to know, is something you probably already know; GOD is in control and knows your heart. Acknowledge HIM in all your ways, and HE will direct your paths. :)
There's always a cup of coffee with your name on it here.


I see you comment in girls journals all the time, but not mine. Either I'm boring, or you just feel uncofortable commenting in guys journals, or maybe just mine.

Yeah, I'm not as up on the interactive element of LiveJournal as I am on the journaling part. When I started, I really didn't intend to interact with anyone at all, and sometimes it's still a surprise to me.

I hadn't given much thought to the men/women side of things. I have no idea how (im)balanced my friends list is, either. Taking a quick look, men account for about 10% of the last 50 entries, so that's part of the equation. And looking back, I've commented in a few guys' journals in the past couple of days (I got this mental image of myself hitting on women via LiveJournal, which would be so off for me—not that you implied that at all!).

But for me, commenting is separate from finding someone interesting or a friend. Some of my close friends' journals won't have comments from me for weeks or months. So no commenting doesn't equal "boring" for me (actually, I have commented on things I found boring, too—there's no pattern I know of). Commenting just isn't one of my main things here, though I do tend to shy away and shut off when I get the sense that there's an expectation of feedback from me, or that something is written to get a response.

Of course, this entry was written for responses, so there goes that. In any case, I'm glad you let me know.
I think you need to know that I added you to my friends list. :)
I know this a rare occurrence and am honored!