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The time has come for us to quit playing chess with God over our lives. We cannot win, but we can delay the victory, dragging on the pain of grasping and the poison of possessing. You see, there are two kinds of losses in life. The first is shared by all mankind—the losses that come to us. Call them what you will—accidents, fate, acts of God. The point is that we have no control over them. We do not determine when, where, what, or even how. There is no predicting these losses; they happen to us. We choose only how we respond. The second kind is known only to the pilgrim. They are the losses that we choose. A chosen loss is different from repentance, when we give up something that was never ours to have. With a chosen loss, we place on the altar something very dear to us, something innocent, whose only danger is in its goodness, that we might come to love it too much. It is the act of consecration, where little by little or all at once, we give over our lives to the only One who can truly keep them.

—John Eldredge, The Journey of Desire


Still trying to find that balance between laying those good things on the altar, and yet asking GOD for those good things in accordance with HIS will instead of convincing myself I don't want the good things.(Just learned the latter recently.)
That sounds so much like C. S. Lewis to me. I've never read Eldredge. Maybe I need to.
I have read and re-read this a couple times; it continues to floor me.

And, true to form, reminds me of Hinds' Feet on High Places. :o]