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Occupational hazard

My bus driver just got lost.


Would that be an occasion to call him an asshat?
Normally, yes. Definite case of head up.
I want to make sure so I don't use it incorrectly. Thanks.
Which bus? Most of the routes aren't that complicated. heh.
31/68. She drives a 74 most days and wasn't thinking. Fortunately none of us needed a few stops, so we got back on route fairly quickly.

Remembering your family in prayer today.
Huh, wackiness. I guess that is kind of a weird route, though.

And it's all over, but thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts.

Ummm... the scary thing is, maybe he isn't really lost. Maybe he knows exactly where he is going. :/

Could have been Speed for a bit there!
Only in Seattle.

I mean... unless you're actually trying to GET someplace :D
Thankfully, I didn't lose any time.
Then you had an uncostly adventure!! :D
EEP! Make sure to write when you get to Canada.
We stopped at Target first.
((Hugs)) Oops. Almost as bad as the bus driver that nearly ran over a car while trying to flirt with me.
Now that would be bad.