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Confessions of the interior

When I received the Confession of Sin John wrote for this Sunday, I had to wonder if he's been looking into my soul:
Father in heaven, we like to think of ourselves as people who have it together.
But our anger exposes who we really are.

We pout and sulk when things do not go our way, because we think we are wiser than you.
We lash out in our bitterness, because we think our rage is needed to heal the world.
We hold smoldering grudges against those who have wronged us, because we think we are more pure than them.
We hold others in contempt, because we think we are far more enlightened than they are.

This is who we are, our Father.
An arrogant, desperate, proud, bitter and lonely people.
We have only one hope: that you overpower our anger with your love.
That you speak tenderly to us at the very core of our being.
That you heal our deep wound with the broken body and shed blood of your Son, Jesus Christ.
Forgive us and heal us, for Jesus' sake. Amen.

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