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Christian cheesiness

Most mornings, I wake up to the local Christian radio station. Even though it can be kind of syrupy-sweet sometimes, I'm often uplfted, and it's a far, far better thing than the billion or so rude-and-crude morning radio shows out there. That being said, this morning they've implemented "Touchaheart Tuesday," and I think I'm simply going to wretch. I couldn't be more overwhelmed by cutsey-ness if I were mauled by the Care Bears or beaten over the head with a Thomas Kincaid painting.

I wonder if Thywillbedone Thursday is next...


Me first!!!!

Confession, brother:

Last night my boy Zach and I saw "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back" or whatever it's called. We laughed like idiots. It was the vilest etc ever but was funny. I had great prayer after.

Cheesiness is satanic. I'm not kidding. It's all part of the evangelical denial system. Still, I love cheesy Christians. God can work with anything, even if I want to puke.

Re: Me first!!!!

I agree. Also, Jay and Slient Bob Strike Back is on my short list of movies to take in (probably as matinees), alongside Ghost World and Bubble Boy. That should balance out Touchaheart Tuesday!

Re: Me first!!!!

Saw "Ghost World." Cool. I know a few 78 collectors and I saw it with a friend like me who loves Lionel Belasco and any obscure 1920's/30's music. We also love Bass and 2-step and ambient and psychobilly.... My friends are pretty fun. Enjoy.
Amen! I'm sure God is at work for/with/on someone through this but...ewwwww.