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Laziness incarnate

No Community Group tonight; being home on a Tuesday evening feels strange. Made some more biscuits (Flaky Layers Butter Tastin'!) and have been watching TV off and on. I get so hooked on some of these reality shows. Big Brother 5 and The Amazing Race have me hooked. I am a huge sucker.


In da hiz-ouse

Big Brotha' is the shiznit.

Re: In da hiz-ouse

Jase makes me homicidal.


Reality TV in general makes me homicidal. :oP
i love amazing race. i felt so bad for marshall and lance. i can't wait for mirna and shmirna to lose; they are so obnoxious!
i urge you to try to make your own home-made biscuits... no crazy chemicals and they taste better too!

Wait, has the new Amazing Race started yet???