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Misplaced desire

And so the first command comes first. God tells us to love him with all our hearts and all our souls, with all our minds and all our strength. It's not a burden but a rescue, a trail out of the jungles of desire. When we don't look to God as our true life, our desire for him spills over into other desires, giving them an ultimacy and urgency they were never intended to bear. We become desperate, grasping and arranging and worrying over all kinds of things, and once we get them, they end up ruling us. It's the difference between wants and needs. All we truly need is God. Prone to wander from him, we find we need all sorts of other things. Our desire becomes insatiable because we've taken our longing for the Infinite and placed it upon finite things. God saves us from the whole mimetic mess by turning our hearts back to him.

—John Eldredge, The Journey of Desire



Next chapter, please :)
Maybe you should post this one, too. Amazing conversation.
Fun, too :)

Maybe after my last one runs it's course, I will.

Also, I am going to buy the book!

This is the very next paragraph in the book. I was considering posting them together last night, but decided it would be better to divide them up. This one addresses lots of what I believe is really going on in our hearts that gave rise to the conversation in your journal. It would be interesting to see how people respond.

Oh, journeyto has the book, too, so make her read it with you. Since you share a brain and all.
Since we share a brain, couldn't she just read it and then I'd know it all?
We could have her read it and see!

(I'm such a pest.)
Or you could just keep posting paragraphs until we've read the whole thing on LJ.
And then you could repost each paragraph so it gets one billion comments.
I'd be the most popular girl on LJ.