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Out of tune

Our instrument is out of tune from years of misuse. This is where the Law is our help. Everything in you may be saying, "But you don't understand. I want to eat the whole box of chocolates (or sleep with my boyfriend, or let my anger really fly). That's what really seems like life to me right now." God says, "I know you do, but it'll kill you in the end. What you think is life is not. That's not the comfort (or the love, or the significance) you are seeking. You'll wind up destroying yourself." The commands of God become our tutor in the healing of our desire. We need the Law because our instrument is out of tune; we're not clear all the time on what it is we really desire.

—John Eldredge, The Journey of Desire


Thanks for posting this.
Always welcome.
I always think you'd enjoy this book when I'm reading it.
Wow, I really needed to read that. Thank you very much.
You're welcome—I needed to, too.
I'm stealing this and posting it in my journal.

what you think is life, is not

I'd do well to post this all over my house.
There's more to come, but I'm letting this sink in first.
The healing of desire

It's a great book. Not as dear to me as The Sacred Romance, but still has some outstanding spots.
I think it's in my Amazon shopping cart. Maybe I should get it outta there.
Warmest greetings!

I have found you through the amazing aloudallowed and the super-lovely jeney. May I please add you to my friends list?

Have a beautiful day. :)

I'd be honored—thank you!


Sweet!!! Thank you so much! :)

I am so happy to meet you!

That was powerful, Obi.

(and much needed)
Needed by me as much or more than by anyone else. Thank you, Padawan.
our small group went through that book this last winter. it was pretty awesome. opened my eyes to a lot of things, made me think about plenty more, and really started me on a road to determining what it is i'm made to do.