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Come to Quark's, Quark's is fun...

I'm having lunch at Quark's.


that's a computer program!
See comments below.
I guess I'm not worthy to be called your friend. I don't know a thing about Star Trek. :(
Let my journal be a place of learning. You are worthy.
Thank you, sir!
Can I come??? Without the kids????? Please????
It would be fun to have a whole party there!
Like, Quark?


(If you're not a Star Trek fan, please disregard!)
that's why i went :O

i wanna go to Quark's, if it's THEE Quark.
Yes, that Quark's. Very fun!
Is anyone actually dressed up like him and servin drinks?
No, but there was a tall Klingon harrassing people at the bar while I was there. And a Borg that occassionally walked through.
heh . . always a klingon
now, the borg thing is a little freaky :O you should have taken 'em out.
That's the one!
Oh cool!!!

Banzai Billionaire HighRollin' Playa'

Is that Quark, as in Star Trek? If so, then youre at the Star Treck experience. I have two old friends in that show. Mike McKorkle, who plays the captain, and Barry Robb, who plays a Klingon. Barry is also in Napoleon Dynamite. Sort of...his picture is in nthe yearbook next the picture of the girl who Napoleon ends up asking to 'the dance'. Barry is the guy with the big smile and the horrilbe brown glasses...
Anyway, hope you're enjoying my little home town.

Re: Banzai Billionaire HighRollin' Playa'

The Star Trek Experience was a blast! I'm still processing everything from Vegas though; it's a lot to take in. I've visited a few times before, but the last time was over ten years ago and things have changed a lot.

Re: Banzai Billionaire HighRollin' Playa'

O totally.. Where my moms house sits right now,was desert only 5 years ago.Weve found a few rather large scorpions around the house a few times,and the city is still trying to figure out flood control for when it rains...freaky.
Glad you had some fun.:)
I know! Do you feel my geeky joy?