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Airport time

Airport time is often good observation time, because really, what else am I gonna do? All these people are going to be here whether I watch them or not. And I tend to run into them when I choose "not."

Not as many mullets as last time. Maybe in Vegas. Most interesting so far was watching the yuppie mom herd along her brood of youngboys (eldest being 7-ish) with the mantra, "Stay focused, stay focused, stay focused" as they walked. Have the creeping suspicion that the poor guys have Successories art on their walls and need to revise their five-year plan for being effective children annually.

Love not having to check baggage.


You've left just in time for the rain to come ;)
I know! My timing stinks!
Read People magazine! Duh!
I ♥ airports! I mean, that is where I saw Liza Manelli in person!

Hope you have lots of fun!

As long as you don't come back looking like this;


I will be happy. :)

Re: Hope you have lots of fun!

I'm back, and I seem to have avoided that oh-so-hip look. ;)