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So money

I'm going to Vegas next week.


What time are we leaving?

This is such a surprise.
We're leaving Tuesday afternoon, back on Thursday. I just booked tonight for $378, hotel included (The Aladdin).
I have to be in Canada - how is that going to work?
Come to Vegas. Canadians are so polite—they'll never tell.

I'm in!

Re: I'm in!

Clones are always the answer.

Re: I'm in!


So is Vegas - especially when you're sick of this hot Seattle weather:


Re: I'm in!

Is there drinking and gambling outside? No? Oh, then I won't be, either.

Hey Child of the 80s...

Re: Hey Child of the 80s...


Re: Hey Child of the 80s...

I'm in the zone - what can I say.

Re: Hey Child of the 80s...

Yet another reason you should come to Vegas.

Re: Hey Child of the 80s...

Well, there's always internet black jack.

Re: Hey Child of the 80s...


Re: Hey Child of the 80s...

I've not spammed your journal for quite some time. Are you going to go all "Internet stalker law" on me or what?

Oh wait.

Re: Hey Child of the 80s...

Why do you think I moved?

Re: Hey Child of the 80s...

So many jokes. So little time.

Re: Hey Child of the 80s...

Well, WAH. You went to bed. hmph.

Hold on! Dlrrpy! I made you dlrrpy!

Re: Hey Child of the 80s...

You wish. :)
If you do the Vegas thing again by about next year - I should be living there by then. ^_^ Drop me a line if I am if you want.
Comin' back hitched?
Not that I know of-- I'll keep you posted!


If you want any insider tips, I'd be happy to pass some along. I used to work for the Parks and Rec down there leading canoe and hiking trips, so I know tons about the outskirts..as long as you promise to keep it a secret...
Have fun. Say hi to my family if you run into them!

Yet another job...

I haven't heard about yet. How old are you??

Re: Yet another job...

I was 19 at the time...my last job before bcoming a Christian..

Re: Lucky!

Since it looks like there will be temps in the 100+ range (I'm going Tuesday through Thursday), I expect I will be doing as much as possible in air conditioning, preferably with complimentary drinks. Insider tips welcome!

Re: Lucky!

If you get hot and sick of too many free alcoholic drinks (yeah, right), check out Mt. Charelston. It's usually 20 degrees cooler than the city and the OLD lodge has some kick ass brick oven pizza. Whatever you do, stay out of Lake Mead, unless you want to come back with a third arm or something...which would actually be kind of cool.

I am truly jealous of you,
Excellent! Good for you!
If you're back by Sunday I think I'm going to try and make it to Grace for church.