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This morning has already had two unusual events: I stayed in bed until 11:00, and I made biscuits. The first is probably a result of just not wanting to get the day underway; the second is part of my ongoing desire to cook more. Sure, they're just the Pillsbury ones from the can, but baby steps.

Bon voyage party for Wesley tonight. People need to stop moving without my approval. Looking forward to it, both to celebrate him and because the guest list is full of friends I enjoy. I suppose that begs the question, "Do I have friends I don't enjoy?" If I answer "yes," does that make me an ass?


Ain nothin wrong with biscuits from a can

From a counselor in training

"Do I have friends I don't enjoy?" If I answer "yes," does that make me an ass?
No- not an ass...but quite normal. I think the key is to look at WHY you continue your friendships with them. They mostlikely serve some purpose, be it making you feel good, connected, whatever.
Then again, I may be full of it.
People need to stop moving without my approval.

Totally feel you on that one. Totally.
well, you should really try making home made biscuits... really super easy... if you want a recipe i will email it to you... yum yum yum!

i have a couple recipes... one is supposed to be a scone recipe but when you make it with plain yogurt they turn out really good... and could be considered biscuit like... and a buttermilk biscuit recipe we used at the cafe i worked at...

making breakfast is one of my most favorite things in the world... i love weekends!
Noodle, wondering if it's cool if I go for a swim tonight. Give me a call on my cell to discuss.

I swam, though. I had to just make the decision.


Don't be mad and don't hate me.
Why? Why do you hate me?
I thought you hated me. Now I know you do, because you're questioning my blind devotion to you.

I'm getting tired of all your brutal_honesty.

<lj user ="dot_mousiness>
was just thinking of you and wanting to ask where the website was you got your icon from...not the .gov site but the one with all the funny captions...
i had it at one point and have since lost it....we had a discussion about it today and wanted to link someone...

biscuits from a can are great...! i make mine from scratch but sometimes crave can ones...
Here's the URL:


It's in my userinfo in case you forget.
hehee thanks...i was thinking of who i could ask about that site and wham! you used that icon! thanks again!