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Wanting to turn it all down

Just after 22:00, realized that one of the myriad reasons for my unfocused restlessness was the sheer volume of noise that's been present in my apartment. With the heat being what it is (and being another contributor), I've had fans going nonstop. "White noise" is innocuous enough, but for me, even that mounts up after a time and becomes a sensory input to constantly process. So I turned them off and can feel things getting stuffier, but at least I can hear my own thoughts. If only they'd settle down.

This heat crap needs to stop. Now.


I AGREE. It's very hot here in Forest Grove. I am so glad that the window is near my bed and I can feel a cool breeze come in. I sleep here in the computer room though and the noise from the computer bugs me. Now if you go to Crater Lake there are no telephone lines and no power lines. It is so quiet. Yes I can hear the electricity. Bugs me. But up there its so quiet I love that. Wish it was closer to me.
do they still make window fans? that might be an idea...they make noise but it being only one it may be less annoying and they make a whole freakin world of difference...
in case you have no idea what i speak of ...

I'm glad I'm not the only one

whining about the heat...I hate to whine alone!
try living in texas. then you'll know what heat really is. :)
See, that's the thing—I lived in Houston for four years! And my other homes have been Iowa and DC, neither of which are known for their cool summers. My six years in Seattle have wrecked my ability to cope (not that I had much!).
I was born and raised in Vegas, and the heat never bothered me. I started to wonder why 90 degrees had me whinning after I got here.

There's NO air conditioning up north. In Vegas, I went from air-conditioned house to air conditioned car to air conditioned wherever...its all open heat here, and its murderous.
I don't like fans. Even my computer fans are too noisy.