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Popping the bubble

Anyone remember the bubble window townhouse where I wanted to move, right next to my friends? Well, it's now a complete loss, thanks to a fire at construction next door. The woman who moved into the unit I wanted had to hide in a crawl space covered in wet blankets for the duration of the fire, which was directly outside her door. Jeremy, Jason, and Natrix moved out at the end of June. And I'm not shy about thanking God for taking care of us all.


I'm a little speechless. But grateful too.
I have more borrowed time than I know what to do with. But grateful too.
holy schnikies.

God is good. now we've both been saved from burning structures!
Wow...amazing. Glad you're okay. Is everyone okay from that fire?
Lots of property and financial loss, but no serious injuries. I really don't know anyone over there now; I'm just glad the boys moved last month.

God is good, eh?
I wouldn't be shy either!
GEEZ dude!
crazy. good thing God didn't give you what you wanted. :o]