Maximillian Amadeus Banzai (banzai) wrote,
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Technological revolt!

Well, not a revolt so much as responding in kind to my boneheadedness. Inadvertently left my power adapter for my PowerBook at home this morning, making me limited to battery power through the day. Mostly I was able to be focused and prioritize (having a boundary often does that for me); my computer time ended with a race against time as I uploaded the MP3 of John's sermon to the church website. Tried to keep myself and barlow_girl entertained by counting down the percentage of power left as I worked. It conked out seconds after I finished. Booyah.

Next, I dropped my Sidekick, resulting in a malfunction with the scroll wheel. A replacement is on the way for exchange, and I can work around it until then (I'm writing on it now); it's just a bit kludgy and inconvenient.

Busy until late: Community Group at 19:00 and Iron Composer after that if time permits. I'd really prefer not to be running so late tonight, but that's just how things worked out. There's lots on my mind.

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