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And this is a weekend?

I have been so very productive today. Spent the morning at the office, making tapes, burning a CD-ROM, and stapling bulletins (oh, the joys of the clerically mundane). Also made and listened to an MP3 playlist of music by friends or people I know: Pedro the Lion, Shannon Stephens, Rina Viola, Pegleg Annie, Paul Mumaw, and Wes Dando. I threw in Beki Hemingway, but should probably take her out since we weren't introduced. Dave came into the office, too-- he probably thinks I'm some kind of work dynamo, when I'm actually just making up for slacking earlier.

Next was the field trip portion of my day: taking the bulletin box to Tommy's house, stopping by a total of six yard sales between Tommy's and the post office, sending out the tape orders, getting a milkshake at Dick's, hopping the 43 to the U District, grabbing a Philly at the All-American (giving the bartender advice about whether to ask her ex to a Dave Matthews concert in the process), picking up a frame for this inspirational poster for my pastor's office, and heading home.

Now I'm watching the beginnings of a melee in the Mariners/Indians game. What a day.

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