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You can pick my friends...

Who knows if I'll tell you what I really think, but you can always ask:

Pick someone from my friends list on my user info page that you want to know about and I will tell you something about that person.



Just kidding.

You and Iboth have lynzshaze as a friend, but I don't know much aout her. Teach me, o wise one.


I met her through the joshuaproject community, I think. Passionate, free spirited, concerned with justice and mercy, sensual, a bit haunted but hopeful. She struggles with chronic health issues, I believe, and if I had to guess, I'd say she's driven by the question, "Where is my place in this world?"
sharminator stole my joke.
okay, how about chippa or journeyto


Ah, the Chippa. He's 2 legit 2 quit. Solid theological underpinnings with devotion to the Beastie (or Beatsie) Boys and (not so) secret modeling aspirationa. He's drawn to the unusual, which sometimes ends up connecting him to stalkers and psychos. Loves to take pictures; has the coolest un-cat in the world (Carlos). He'll be in seminary soon, and his lovely wife Heather is in medical residency. Sushi is another key to his heart.

Late night with Banzai

Since everyone else seems to be asleep..
Tell me about Pinkroo. Be warned, she is one of my best friends and we both know where you work...


See, now you're just trying to get me into trouble.

Not that there's much trouble to get into, because there's so much positive to say. She seems to be able to be silly or deep or both at once. I suspect people feel truly listened to and heard by her. She has a hunger for knowledge—more of the "whys" than the "hows," I think. She's stronger than she thinks she is. Above any of that, the sense I get from her is that she is gracious—not the milquetoasty, doormat, or plastic counterfeit types, but truly gracious. She's been shown great mercy, even in suffering and struggle, and knows it well enough for it to come through in how she connects with others. And she's not content to settle for absence from people in her life anymore, to which I say "amen."

That's my read, anyway.


Amy is a delight. I get to chat with her almost every day, about random or serious things. She's an accountant with a big corporation that throws ice cream parties every day (she loves ice cream) and lives in an area entirely too sunny and hot for me. Lots of love for her family, as well as for the group of 6th grade girls (7th graders now?) she works with at church. Oh, and for her best friend Heather and best friend-in-law chippa (I think that's how we met). She's witty and sarcastic, loves God deeply enough to have good questions and solid answers, and He's given her a heart of gold. I haven't met a man worthy of her, and I'm glad she never settled.
I am impressed with how well you know your friends. Esp since LJ friends aren't very much like real friends that you hang out with in person. Since I am 'newish' to your firends list.. is there anything you wish you knew about me?
Part of the fun is in the getting to know people. Where in Seattle do you live? I have a hunch you may be near my old apartment.
Oh, and tell me more about

The Chr0me_Kitten

I feel kindship with Candra (I think that's her civilian name, though I may be wrong) on a few fronts. She's worked with students in academia, has science fiction and popular culture interests that have overlap with mine, and knows the challenge of being a Christian among those who might find her faith ludicrous. She's willing to be "in the world but not of it," and because of this I think she shows Jesus to people who might not otherwise see Him. I love her perspective on so many things. She's also been going the distance in being with her brother as he recovers from a serious accident, and it's powerful to see what that kind of love looks like, in struggle and in joy.
i'd like to know about collated_wisdom.

also, if there's anything you want to know about me, i'd be glad to answer any questions.


We first became acquainted through another LiveJournal account, which she still uses (I have a few friends who have multiple accounts). Her perspective is invaluable, whether it's encouragement or challenge. She's Australian, from a charismatic, Catholic faith background, is a Harry Potter fan, and has a passion for dance. We have some similarities in our spiritual experiences outside the norm. Her working life has been a real trial lately, yet she consistently struggles with and seeks God in her circumstances, because she can do no other.


jasonmonster and scillymonster, as I suspect their stories are intertwined. ;o]

The Monsters

I wish they lived down the street from me so we could hang out all the time. I've had the blessing of meeting the Monster clan, including their darling girls Becca(Boo) and Zoe, who capture your heart and don't let it go. I had a picture Becca drew for me on my fridge (to an outsider it may have looked like crayon scribbles, but I saw the art in it) until I moved, so she has to make me a new one. We have similarities in faith, ministry, coffee, and music (like me, Jason has his own record label, Mad Lab Records, and like me, I suspect he struggles with exactly how to fit it into a full life). I'm excited by their involvement in an urban church plant and their new (boy) Monster on the way. I love reading their journals and keeping up on theri lives, and I hope our paths cross again soon.
Isn't that the guy who keeps changing his LJ? What's he had, four? ;)

(I added you.)
caught napping.


I wish he were around more. caugh_napping is (at least) the third incarnation of my LJ friend Grady. He's inquisitive, thoughtful, and eclectic; I enjoyed his interest in interests (hence "Grady's Obsession with Interests" in my interests list). I think the most comments I ever received on an entry was once he noticed that all of the commenters had used black-and-white icons and spread the word to his friends list, resulting in dozens of black-and-white iconed comments from readers I didn't previously know. Oh, and he's taken up shaving his head. Dead sexy. I'm considering it.
this is fun--you seem to really pay attention and see people, which I find to be rare. Thanks for turning your benevolent gaze my way!
Okay, I'll play. Tell me about Seraphim Sigrist. I have the privledge of knowing him myself but I'd love to hear someone else try and explain him.


Oh dear, I can't explain him—Seraphim almost defies description, let alone explanation! I'm lost on about 3/4 of his entries (a result of my intellectual limitations and the fact that I have trouble reading blocks of text with short line breaks), but they're still worth it for the glimpses of truth, beauty, fun, and love they give. I suspect that's a window to his heart as well: certainly a thinker, but full of compassionate love that runs even deeper. Oh, and half the time I don't even know where he is, but that's OK.

"Can you turn that high-powered perception on yourself, Dr. Lechter?"


....and don't cop out and tell me to read the rest of your journal. ;P

Re: "Can you turn that high-powered perception on yourself, Dr. Lechter?"

Breaks the rules—he's not on my friends list.
oh boy.

The places I want to go with this post...must ponder. :)
Be good, you. :)