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Funks and invitations

Last night I wrestled with another of my patented funks (not the P-Funk, unfortunately). There are times I just get emotionally steamrolled with a feeling of alienation, of being separate and disconnected from the whole world. Nothing brings it on (that I know of); it just happens. So I wandered around a while, trying to put it to rest. Didn't work, but I'm through it and fine.

In contrast, I'm feeling pretty special this morning. I got an invite to an invitation-only anniversary celebration at Victrola next Thursday. I feel all exclusive and stuff. Perhaps that's silly, but I'll take it anyway. Besides, there'll be champagne.

I was a slacker at work yesterday, so I'm going in later to finish up a few necessary things. Diligence often pays off in the long run, but procrastination always pays off right now.

P.S. On the walk home, I bumped into one of last year's RAs. Sounds like things are falling apart in residence life at Seattle U. This brings me some (possibly perverse) satisifaction: On the one hand, it means that it wasn't just me screwing everything up, and on the other, some of those bastards are getting exactly what they asked for and deserve. I know I shouldn't be vindictive, but giving these folks over to their own desires is justice, not revenge.

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