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Yesterday's confession

In an entry yesterday, I'd meant to include our corporate confession of sin (written by our pastor), because it also moved me. In our liturgy, the confession of sin takes place right after the opening call to worship, and is intended as a way for us to respond to God's call honestly by bringing who we are before Him. Here it is:

Father in heaven,
You tell us that we are broken people living in a broken world.
But because we doubt Your love for us,
we cannot face up to these realities.

Sometimes we try to heal ourselves.
We try to perform, achieve, connive, posture, and spin ourselves into a place of well-being.
This has left us exhausted and lonely.

At other times we deny our brokenness.
We keep ourselves distracted with our responsibilities, our pleasures, and our fantasies.
We are afraid of facing the void that lies so close to the surface.
This has made us shallow people.

Forgive us for our distrust of You.
Make us into a people who are dependent upon You in every way imaginable.
Enable us to lift our empty and battered arms to You with joy and resilience.
We pray this in Christ’s name, Amen.

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