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Dynamite and short fuses

Lots of out-and-aboutness on my days off this week. Saw Napoleon Dynamite yesterday—flippin' sweet. Today I spent time running around Seattle getting supplies for a dish I'm preparing—it's for a reception tomorrow for a friend who's a missionary in China. Unfortunately, there was yet another protest downtown (FYI to prospective protestors: FUBARing my day never makes me more sympathetic to your cause) that tipped the dominoes and kept me running from bus to bus for a couple hours. Even that has lessons, though, and I know a bit more about my city now.

The quirkiest happy thing I saw was a young man sitting on his porch playing the banjo in my neighborhood. There's no angst in a banjo. None at all.

"Don't talk business unless you're ready to do business" is one of my rules; I shouldn't get so frustrated when others follow it. Then again, most of us follow it half-assedly and arbitrarily. Chain jerking is a shitty way of relating, too. It'd be easier if any of us knew what we wanted, but who does? Not me, so I should get off my high horse.

Considering a Vegas trip in August to hook up with my sister and brother-in-law and clear my head. Everything feels like a demand or a waste of time lately, which is a rotten attitude. I'm just perpetually fed up. Even if I don't do Vegas, I'm thinking I may need to do something.
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