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Fire. Meat.

Beth had to work late tonight, so I hosted a Community Group cookout at my place—the inaugural run of my new grill. It's my first, so I had irrational joy and even initial nervousness about the whole affair. Everything went wonderfully; we feasted on chicken andouille and chicken and apple sausages, and cajun and garlic hot dogs, plus all the usual sides (veggies and dip, fruit, chips and dip, soda). Made me happy, it did. I have a grill, and I cooked meat on it.


Were the Chicken & Apple sausages made by Aidels? cuz those are most excellent.
Those are the ones—they're amazing. I'm inviting you next time (you already know Jeremy!).
I'm officially jealous...and I think I'm salivating a bit too.
It's starting to sound like a Seattle LJ cookout is in order...
I did that once last year. This was the result.
Plenty of beer—me likey.
Then it's on ;)


I want to be the mother of your children.

Re: hahaha

Oh, if I had a nickel for every time I heard that...well, I'd still be poor.
You are 15 cents richer...and counting.. Hope it helped you feel a little loved, even if only from afar..
that picture is scary
But Gary Busey is insane in a funny/scary kind of way.
True, but still.
Is it a gas grill, or charcoal?
Charcoal. I used some with mesquite on Tuesday.
oh yeah! That'll beat that angus fast food junk anytime.