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Wait and see

If there was something going on I didn't know about, I think I'd know about it.

—Walter H. Bascomb, TekWar

Horrible, horrible movie/show, but that line has always stuck with me. I tend to have a peripheral sense when something's up, especially when there's a secret or something someone doesn't want me to know involved. Usually I only have to watch, listen, and wait for it to reveal itself (though often I am too impatient to do any of these and start digging instead). Came in handy as a counselor and a discipline officer, and has even been helpful in my current job. It's a little more awkward on a personal level, but it's become a joke with close friends in the past—secrets just fall apart in my general vicinity.

All that to say, I'm getting that feeling. It doesn't really bother me or give me fear (that's a separate deal); it just makes me curious. We'll see what happens.
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