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Everything's been a bit off-kilter today. Went through work and worship this morning completely wiped out to the point of almost nodding off. Realized partway through that I'd had no coffee or tea, and less sleep than I need, so there's certainly no mystery to be solved there. Felt more social than usual after service, however, and ended up having a good slice of time with Anne and Natrix, as well as giving Pete and Kirsten a guided tour of the new place. People are dear to me, even when they're not as dear to me as they ought to be. There's no excuse for not recognizing how blessed I am and honoring my friends.

The afternoon was likewise mired in a daze I couldn't shake. That, combined with some things that are hitting me especially hard lately, resulted in my curling up in bed and sleeping until I awoke in a confused sweat. I don't know what's going on with me.

The funk continued until I made some dinner later in the evening. Felt better just in time to decide to take in the fireworks—a phenomenal view of the Lake Union show was just a block from my home. Lots of strangers taking in the sight, including a perturbed racoon who had no idea why so many people had suddenly shown up in his stomping grounds. No sense of patriotism or celebration, that one.
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