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Quirk #87438

For whatever reason, I always put bagel halves in my toaster inward, facing each other.


Mmmmmm, toasted bagels. I think those will be going on my next shopping list. But we have a toaster oven... so I can't copy your quirk.
Toaster ovens rule. I use mine almost daily.
I bought bagels today!

Our old toaster oven broke a few weeks ago... I was astonished at how lost I was without it.
go figure, but I have the tendency to do the same with my bagels...


Isn't that how ... it's supposed to be done?
Well, maybe newfangled modern toasters are different, but I have a toaster I think was made in the 80s, and we're still using it.

And I noticed that the heating elements get brighter and hotter on the inside panels than the outside, so unless therefore one would want the crust of the bagel cooked crispy with the inside doughy portion barely toasted, putting them in facing each other is the natural way to go.
Good logic; I'm afriad I don't have a well-thought reason like that.
I do that too, and I don't know why. I think it's because I don't like the faces to get too dark; I like my bagel to be hot through and through, and it seems as though putting the faces outward causes the faces to be well-done before the entire bagel is thoroughly heated.
As it should be.
now that you brought that up and you've got me thinking...
i do that too.