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Back to work

taci and expressedinword's wedding was joyous—a light-hearted outdoor ceremony followed by a great reception. Winter and Jeremy looked so beautiful and happy; it was wonderful to be able to celebrate with them. romanaurora performed a solo, and I also got to see mumbledjargon and rvralph again, as well as meeting mcgorkelsohnns. Connor, Sara, and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Was a bit under the weather yesterday, perhaps in part from travelling, so I took the day off. Looking forward to diving back in at work today, and Community Group is tonight at our new location (Beth's new place on Capitol Hill). I think it'll be good to spend at least one evening a week on the hill.


Weddings are awesome! Of course, my favorite wedding was my own. *grin* But I can't forget that at the previous wedding I attended, I caught the bride's bouquet. And of those who attended, I was indeed the first to marry. I doubt it'll work for the guy who caught the garter, though. He wasn't even 20, and still doesn't have a girlfriend that I know of.