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From Le Ritz (a bad hotel to typo)

First chance I've had to sit and write for days. Much of the week was occupied with the unpleasant part of moving—getting the last of my junk out of my old place. It's overwhelming because at that point, nearly every item requires a decision: Keep? Toss? Donate? Store? In some respects I can be a pack rat, which doesn't help. Like many, I hold onto things either because I'm sentimental (a mug that reminds me of a banquet or a girl) or because I like to be prepared (duplicate copies of evidence documents from our church scandal of a couple of years ago). Made for some very long days and nights, and am thankful for the help I received from Anne, Annette, and Natrix. Let go of a lot, though, and that's a good thing.

Another observation from moving is that the technology associated with information storage and retrieval has made it unnecessary for me to hold onto many of the things I used to keep. Likewise, oddly, with the technology associated with popcorn. Who needs an air popper, or even a device that makes kernel popcorn microwavable?

Yesterday was road tripping with Connor and Sara to Idaho Falls for expressedinword and taci's wedding today. Had a great time the whole way. I'm thankful not only for the friendship of my travelling companions, but also for their relationship. It makes my heart glad and relieves me somewhat to be with a couple who's clearly a couple, but who haven't lost themselves and the world in one another. Each couple has their own style and needs, but I've seen so many that are constant approval-and-control dramas or have degenerated to feeding on one another in a spectacle of emotional cannibalism that I get gunshy. Seeing Sara quietly take Connor's hand every once in a while as she drove reassured and encouraged me beyond measure.

We have no idea what we'll do for the day, but after a twelve-hour drive (and with another of those on deck tomorrow), we're looking forward to any adventure. And I'm definitely excited and blessed to be able to be here for Winter and Jeremy's wedding. It's good to see things through.


emotional cannibalism. Amen to that. Have you ever heard the phrase, "Saying you can't live without someone isn't romantic; it's parasitism?" I like it.

Also appreciated your words on the person of Christ. I've done a three-sixty in the past four years from completely legalistic to far too willing to compromise Him. I want Him to be just love, but that's not agape. And you phrased things enormously well.

Finally, two posts ago: I appreciated the thoughts about giving our all and forgetting the idea of "Am I right with God?" It's pointless. Either we are all His--fully and sweetly surrendered (sometimes bittersweet, but wholly)--or not at all. Let's forget this "I need to fix [this area]." There's a place for that, but it must be in the context of a death to self. And here is life.
Love your thoughts on all of these, Abby.