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Apartment tour

Finally ready to offer a brief tour of my apartment here in my journal. The picture quality is limited, because they're just snaps taken with my Sidekick camera, but they at least offer a sense of the place.
Street entry
This is the entry from the street.
My courtyard
Here's my personal patio/courtyard. I'm thinking of putting in a small table and chair(s) for my morning tea.
These steps lead to my apartment.
The overhang above the door is a recovered piece, as is the wooden chest beside it. Details like this really make the place special.
Entry and dining area
Need to get some house slippers for the front door, as my lease requires shoes to be removed (dirt and gravel can mess up the finished concrete floors). The dining table, when I get it, will go where those boxes are.
The kitchen gets lots of light and overlooks the courtyard. You can also see some of the beam work.
Kitchen: bathroom window
Also a recovered item, this window looks from the kitchen (next to the microwave) into the bathroom (over the tub). I got a translucent shower curtain (the striped thing) so there could be both light and privacy.
Computer nook
My computer nook is just off the entryway, across from the dining area and kitchen. The dog likes to run at the window and smash her nose into it when she notices me.
Nook to living quarters
The computer nook leads into the living quarters. Behind that door is the washer/dryer.
Living quarters
The living quarters are very cozy. The fireplace is such a good touch; it was cold enough that I had it on for a while this morning!
Entertainment center
The couch faces this built-in entertainment center. It creates a half-wall that separates the living quarters from the sleeping quarters.
This is the hall passage to the closet, bathroom, and sleeping quarters.
Bathroom entry
The bathroom has a great recovered medicine cabinet. It's huge; I hope never to need that much medicine.
There's a beautiful pedestal sink, and the toilet tissue holder appears to be the top to a firehose, mounted to the wall.
Here are the feet of the clawfoot tub.
Sleeping quarters
My sleeping quarters. I love waking up here.
Bed shelves
The half-wall has deep shelves built into the sleeping quarters side. These are right next to my bed, and my PowerBook goes into the empty space.
Shelves and closet
More of the shelves, and the closet. I'll probably get a curtain for the closet soon.
Sleeping quarters: bathroom wall
Part of the wall between the sleeping quarters and the bathroom is a recovered door (non-functional) with a window. I need to get a blind of some kind for privacy. The bookshelves to the right are built into the wall.
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