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More homemaking today. Didn't feel like getting out of bed for a while, so I didn't. Lunched from Ivar's Salmon House again today; this time a chowder bread bowl to go, which I ate in a nearby nook overlooking Lake Union. A couple of geese swam near, but I think they were more interested in the bread than the company.

Anthony from Safeway.com came in the afternoon with my groceries. The dog upstairs (Thai? Ty? Tie?) scared the living daylights out of him. Wondering if I'll get to know him; feel a bit like Mr. Rogers getting to know the people in his neighborhood.

Sidenote on the delivered groceries thing: it's taking some getting used to! Turns out that online shopping for groceries is almost as overwhelming to me as doing it in person, just in different ways. As I learn, it'll be smoother and smoother. Today, however, I ended up as the proud owner of a three pound tub of healthy buttery spread.

And tonight I ran the dishwasher for the first time. Actually, my first time ever running one. Wow. Those things are pretty darned cool.


welcome to the 21st century--those mod cons are amazing, aren't they?! I love to grocery shop--I should start a service for people like you. I'm glad you're enjoying your lazy week and your new home.
We went to the Ivar's downtown once, and found out that if you throw french fries into the air, seagulls will come catch them.