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"It's Saturday morning. Where are the damn kids?"

Night of the Comet is on, starring the incomparable Catherine Mary Stewart. I can't believe I'm the only person on LiveJournal with her listed as an interest. I ♥ her.


yeah, where have you been hiding her? i saw that movie on the big screen when it came out. i knew a girl who looked like her. jeanine was her name.
Lee, is Night of the Comet that movie where people turn into little piles of sand? And the main girl is a real hot to trot brunette?
I used to be mildly obsessed w/ that movie when I was a kid, and thought she was beeeeeeutiful. Never knew her name, though.
I just went to her website and posted a pic I found of her. The picture makes me feel strange.
She's worthy of a mild obsession.
Without question.