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Home sweet home

Settling into my new apartment. It's perfect. Friends helped me move yesterday; it helps to include a guy who's driven big trucks and moved a lot, a UPS guy, and an engineer. Things went so smoothly that I stayed working at the old apartment until everything was moved into the new one. It was like a homecoming. Did laundry in the washer/dryer and had a fire in the fireplace for a bit last night. Took a bath in the clawfoot tub this morning, checked out Irwin's (a local coffee shop), and had my cable and internet hooked up today.

This is so good. I'm deeply grateful—for generous, helpful, smart, and strong friends, for a home I feel at home in, for a move that's been far easier that I've any right to. There's still plenty to be done, especially at the old place, but this is just what I've needed.


My life would be pretty awful if I only received what I had a right to receive. I have been given much.

Oh, a clawfoot tub....

Internet envy is a terrible thing. :)
It'd just be worse if you were here.
congratulations on your new place. :D

*high fives*
How far are you from Victrola? :D
I'm quite a bit farther away, but I still go at least once a week (Sundays before work and worship). So I'm exploring places in my new neighborhood, too.
I'm so happy for you! :) Sounds like your change of apartment is as good for you as my job change is for me.