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Pseudo-intellectual word of the day

Gentrification (most effective when invoked in a self-righteous tone).


"...and allow me to expose my colon further..."
Sorry, part of an old In Living Color sketch.

(The reference, not my butt)


If they ever gentrify my neighborhood I'll be able to speak with my neighbors. No one speaks a language I know. This is the first site off the airplane from Armenia. I've made almost no friends in ten years here amongst the Armenian community. One told me they think I'm out to get them and they wish they were still in the old country.

Re: perhaps....

Once, while walking to work, I heard a rumpled old man grumble, "I know you're spying on me," in my general direction. At first I was taken aback. Then I thought, "What if it was my job to spy on this guy? That would be a lot more fun than going to work!"