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What hope looks like

In the throes of moving, so more extensive journaling must wait. But there's something I don't want to forget:

On the bus across town, I see a man reading his Bible. In my city, that's downright bizarre. That's what hope looks like.


Maybe you and this guy can start a really loud Bible study on your cross-town rides. And maybe people will see you and get saved. ;)

Or not.
I know the feeling exactly.


the bible man

Hope. It's like a rainbow stretching across a ravished world. Or like a raven bringing food to a faithful prophet during a famine. Banzai, there is a remnant on earth!!


I'd never thought of hope as being bizarre before. But it's true...
I used to be self-conscious about reading the Word in public, until I saw a girl about my age doing it one day in one of my favorite local cafés ... I felt so incredibly encouraged that I've never felt bad since. If believers can't encourage each other, then who can?

Congratulations on your new apartment. And the clawfoot tub. Very cool. Or creepy. I mean, it's a clawfoot.