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Not family friendly

Listening to Christian radio for a bit. I do this every once in a while in hopes that the playlist will have expanded to something beyond the same dozen songs which sound like the last dozen songs from the same dozen artists, largely devoid of artistic merit (see also literary counterparts Max Lucado and Tim LaHaye). I'm usually disappointed. Our local station's slogan is "family friendly music," but the power, glory, and grace of the gospel is the invasion of the Kingdom of God into a fallen and broken world. The redemption of families is a happy result, but the exaltation of the family is not the primary purpose of the death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ. We've jumped the track. We aren't listening to Him. We just want our lives to work. "Family friendly" is our highest aspiration.

Praise Him for all the places He is at work, by all means, but what are we doing? We've traded the Lion of the Tribe of Judah for a housecat, neutered and safe. Isn't He cute?

God, help us all.

Lonely tonight. Having to face how much that's behind my feelings and struggles and how little I want to turn to Him because of all I hold Him responsible for in that. Been running and misdirecting a lot and it's time to stop. I need to just let myself be lonely and let Him be the place I turn, whether in comfort or in pain.
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