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Wow. People can be really ugly and awful. I'm more surprised and disheartened when they are Christians and unrepentant about their selfish use of other people. It makes me wonder whether the gospel has really touched their lives at all.



My internet cut out just as I was thanking you for checking to see if I was OK, so...thanks. That was sweet. :)
I struggle w/ that all the time. Sometimes it hits me when I look at myself even.
Amen to that. I'm convicted like crazy.
T = Total Depravity.
I get so angry when I see that; I still feel some of that today. I feel ya.
Yeah, you and me both. I can hardly stand it when Christians don't act like Christ. And then, like someone else commented, I see my own ugly former self rearing it's ugly head. *ick* I hate my former self! I so often unintentionally hurt people. I even hurt Dave once recently because I was so bent on proving my point that I forgot to consider him. :(
I also struggle with your last point. It's hard when I recognize that, at times-during the heat of the moment, I'd rather be right than happy. Thank God for how faithful He is to us despite our infidelity.
I hear you.

I've never made any claims to being perfect. But I also know that we were given a choice whether or not to serve Him, and I frankly don't see the benefits of forcing them to comply with the rules put forth by someone they've rejected.

Here's a flip side: how would you feel if you were expected to follow the rules, laws, and rituals of a pagan god, and people pressured you and called you a sinful heathen because they disagreed with how you lived your life? Would that make you inclined to seek their god?

I think such expectations and rejection and condemnation are counterproductive to witnessing. We're given the freedom of choice from God. Who are we to take it from Man?

I'm not perfect, but I don't expect people to follow my beliefs or the rules I live by according to my religion if they're not a part of it. And because of that, I've met a lot of pagans who are more open to discussing God and Christ with me because they know I won't attack them.

And seeing so-called Christians attacking and condemning people and treating them like third-rate citizens or worse because they don't share the same beliefs and badgering and harrassing and terrorizing them to "get saved"... they're the ones who finally provoked me to make an icon I've toyed at for a while over a lot of situations but never felt too motivated to make. It's the icon I'm using for my comment.

So yeah. I understand. It's worse when they claim to be Christians, because all they do is make it all the more impossible to win someone to Him. One of my dearest friends is an ex-Christian, having fully rejected the God her manipulative, abusive, and vicious mother professes to serve, and dogmatically refuses to listen to anything that even comes close to witnessing. A few times, she's even taken out her rage toward her mother and her mother's relentless badgering on me if I even breathe a word about my religion (and not even in a witnessing context.)