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There is good in seeing where God may be at work even in the warp and woof of the ordinary, the mundane, the little things. Misplaced the church keys for a while as I was doing lock-up after service. It's interesting to keep a running tally of where my mind and heart wander when I do things like that—almost like a pop quiz on my spiritual state, a mini-Lent. There's the frustration, the self-deprication, the suspicion of others, when and how I pray, where my trust is, whether and when I am grateful when He pulls me through.

(Eventually found them still in a door, where I was sure I'd looked. This may have occurred because God wanted to run me through those paces, or because I'm an idiot. Probably a combination of the two.)

Lunched with Annette, Cynthia, and MiYoung. Good conversation, about relationships, conflict, betrayal, and obedience; some of what I've been thinking about this week came into the conversation, about Christ being formed in us and seeing the life of Jesus manifested in our bodies. I sent them some excerpts later, because my thoughts seem slightly less muddled in writing than in speech. Regardless, I get excited when I see God working the same themes and questions in lives within His church. Aslan is on the move.

Decided to go to Jeremy's Senior Art Exhibition reception for Community Group this week; turns out mptphlosofer is one of the other artists exhibiting. Good times; looking forward to it.

Watched Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan from the Couch of Divorce with a blanket, popcorn, and Cherry Coke tonight. Sometimes my standards for a good evening are pretty simple.

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